Bestselling Author. International Speaker. Founder & CEO of Potencia. Voluntary High School Dropout.

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Across All Categories


Across All Categories

Potencia Mind 🧠

Rapid Learning, Motivation, Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity, High Performance & More!

We sift through the internet's noise so you don't have to... delivering you the best mind hacks, mental health tips & high performances strategies to your inbox every single week.

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Potencia Body 💪

Nutrition, Exercise, Detox, Natural Healing, Weight Loss, Energy, Stress Relief, Longevity & More!

Curating the best information out there & delivering you proven nutritional advice, fitness hacks & holistic health strategies to your inbox each & every week.

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Mighty Habits

Discover The Habits Of The World's Most Successful People... Proven To Transform Your Health, Fitness, Income, Relationships & Happiness!

We sift through scientific research & studies... identifying, curating & delivering the very best habits you can build which will make the biggest difference to your success in life.

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Frameworks For Life

Concepts, Mental Models & Frameworks... For Deeply Understanding The World, Making Better Decisions & Achieving Your Goals Faster!

The weekly newsletter that teaches you how to think (not what to think), expands your perspective, levels up your awareness & will completely transform your life!

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