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By All Instructors

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Skilled Success

Learn Faster, Train Like The Best & Become Extraordinary At Anything

Imagine if you were able to learn any new topic (or develop any skill) you wanted 200% - 500% faster...?

Imagine if, in a few days you could learn something what would've previously taken you many months or years to learn...?

Just think about the massive advantage possessing this ability to learn rapidly, develop your skills optimally & adapt quickly would bring to your life. Well, that's what you'll learn inside this book...

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Self Mastery

Create The Life You Want By Becoming The Person You Want To Be

What if what’s missing from the health, wealth, love & happiness you desire is not a new diet, exercise plan, business opportunity or fancy new dating app, but simply a better, improved version of yourself?

If you could become that best version of who you are - that follows through on what’s important, kicks butt & makes things happen - how would that impact all areas of your life? Read this book to find out for yourself...


Lazy F*cks Don't Live To 100

The No-Bullshit Guide To Optimal Health, Living Longer & Looking Better Naked

Most people's idea of 'living to 100' is wasting away in some nursing home, having lost your mind & being unable to wipe your own arse...

That is not what this book is all about (nor is about reaching retirement only to drop dead from a heart attack a year later!)

What this book will do is blow apart your idea of ageing & give you everything you need to live better, healthier, slimmer, fitter & stronger & for a lot longer!


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360° Planner

A Productivity Tool For Greater Productivity, Clarity, Focus & Success

A to-do list is NOT enough. Nor is a calendar (or, a goal-setting workbook). These are parts of what you need... but to have an effective productivity & achievement system (that works!) you need many elements working together. The 360° Planner is an actual productivity & achievement system made up of 8 individual 'processes' which work together (inside the pages of one-of-a-kind planner) to help you be more productive & achieve more, faster.

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360° Journal

A Must-Have Journalling Tool For Enhanced Clarity & Self-Awareness

Journalling is a habit many high achievers (e.g. Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie & Mark Twain) practices... but, there's a problem! When we journal on the same questions & prompts every single day, our minds tune out & disengages. There's a better way... The 360° Journal is a new kind of journalling tool in which you'll find a curated collection of 180 of the best, most powerful & thought-provoking journal questions out there... put together in a 90-day practical structure!

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