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Special Interview With Dan Brulé

How To Apply The Ancient, Timeless Practice Of 'Breathwork' To Transform Your Health, Sharpen Focus, Boost Productivity, Activate High Performance, Elevate All Dimensions Of Your Wellbeing (Mind, Body & Spirit) & Positively Effect All Areas Of Your Life (Including Your Career & Relationships With Others!)

(As Famously Used By NAVY Seals, Olympic Athletes, Martial Artists, Celebrities, Musicians, Medical Professionals, Business Leaders & High Achievers Everywhere!)

In this in-depth interview, you'll learn...

  • ​​Estimates suggest 9 in every 10 people in the world today struggle with some form of 'dysfunctional' pattern of breathing (often without ever realizing it!)... which causes an entire catalog of negative physical effects (including, asthma, allergies, a weakened immune system, poor heart health, dental health problems, higher risk of disease, etc) as well as mental & emotional effects ones too (like higher stress, anxiety, lower intelligence, mood swings, etc). Dan will teach you how to fix these issues, supporting you to live the long, happy, healthy & joyous life you deserve...
  • ​In chaotic, stressful & high-pressure situations, there's a 4-phase breathing pattern that Navy Seals, First Responders & the alike rely on to bring them back to center, rapidly calm & balance their nervous system, as well as help them to perform at a high level when it matters most. You'll learn this technique & how you can use it in your own life starting today!​
  • ​The 2 fundamental aspects/skills​ that are the perfect starting point for anyone new to 'breathwork' (plus: how to use them starting today to interrupt old patterns, become more mindful, present in your interactions & self-aware within mere minutes!)
  • ​In what are known as flow states, productivity can shoot up 500%, creative problem-solving abilities by up to 430%, you can learn up to 490% faster & creativity heightens too... Dan will teach you about this optimal state of consciousness & specific breathing tips + hacks for tuning into the 'flow state.'
  • How Dan helped Tony Robbins to fix his high blood pressure with just 1 stupidly-simple change to his breathing! (note: if you're experiencing any health problems learning & fixing little errors like this is absolutely critical!)​
  • ​Stanford Medical School has also been busy studying a relatively new, previously-unknown, breathing technique in recent years which is showing tremendous results! Dan will teach you this cutting-edge technique & how you can use it to release any stress, let go of anxiety or tension & tune into deep states of relaxation in less than 5 minutes!​
  • ​You'll also learn the ways that Olympic athletes use this ancient, timeless practice ​to think clearer, stay focused & perform at their best (& how you can copy what's working for them in your own life too!) 
  • ​A simple yet incredibly powerful 'breathing mantra' that'll help you not only become more relaxed but can also support you to raise to higher levels of awareness, consciousness & even deeper spiritual connection...

And a whole lot more...

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Mastering The Breath

An in-depth, 6-module mastery program guiding you on how to apply the power of the breath to release any stress, anxiety, or tension in seconds, manage your energy levels, access peak states of consciousness & elevate your mind, body & spirit.

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